Khat Sokhim : KHMER / Kampuchea / Cambodia

October 15, 2008

Somnang Phorp Bong by Khat Sokhim

khat Sokhim is a elegant Khmer singer : Cambodia.

I love this song ” Somnang Phorp Bong “, can’t forget and never leave from me long time.

It’s easy to come back and playing in my brain many times.

Sromai98 from YouTube,

I would like to tell ” Thank you for sharing this unforgettable elegant song “.

Srey Toch Jomnup by Khat Sokhim

It was not so many Khmer songs when YouTube starts in 2006 even 2007.

But it’s so nice that we can listen and watch many nice Khmer songs by YouTube.

Hopefully, I like to listen by high quality sound in 320kbit/sec. at least.

khmrch1cca from YouTube,

Thank you for to let me know Khat Sokhim’s nice song.


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