Touch Sunnix : KHMER / Kampuchea / Cambodian singer

October 24, 2008

Snaeha….Snaeha – Touch Sreynich/Sunnix

Sung by Touch Sreynich / Sunnix.

It’s not movies this time, just slideshow.

Thanks for ply38 for sharing her songs.

Oun Saen Maeta – Touch Sreynich/Sunnix

I really love her beautiful voice.


2 Responses to “Touch Sunnix : KHMER / Kampuchea / Cambodian singer”

  1. maria Says:

    hi touch sunnix i added you as a friend on you tube my name is maria i hope you remember me?

  2. DokJumpah Says:

    Hi hello how are you?
    We’ve met on Youtube, my account was Asia of Dokjumpah.
    Actually I have many Youtube accounts for each music area in the world as you see.

    At the time, we couldn’t have enough time to chat on Yahoo messenger, am I right?
    My main chat program is Skype, it’s easy to find my Skype account from my weblog,

    Your advice of Asian music is welcome!
    It’s my pleasure to chat with you soon.

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