Chinese Beauties in Dun Huang敦煌寻梦

I’ve got an information by mail from my YouTube friend :accelan.

As you know, I think I’m one of a enthusiast of local songs.

From meeting with the Hong Kong movie “A Chinese Ghost Story 倩女幽魂“, I’m in love with this kind of Classic Chinese music.
So happy that I’m think about ancient Chinese life and cultures while listening these music.

I like this music, played by instruments …. actually I love real acoustic sound, but this is so good.

Also wish to enjoy who opening this website.

Chinese beauties in ancient costume 真人PS漫画版

Next one is woman’s vocal.

Her soft singing brought me some peace before sleeping.

I think it works for fall into sleep more than sleeping tablets maybe.

– have nice time with these 2 beautiful songs.