Luktung : Native music of Thailand

( ลูกทุ่ง, Lukthung, Lugthoong )

Fon Tanasoontorn – Narm Ta Nong Penh น้ำตาน้องเพ็ญ

Fon Tanasoontorn – Ngao Mued Nai Duang Jai เงามือในดวงใจ

Orrawee Sutjanon – Noom maw kan

Orrawee Satjanon – Kid Haud Naung Nae

Got Jakrapun Arbkornburi – Low Duang Deu An

Cherry Khemupsorn Sirisukha : Thai famous actress

Got Jakrapun – Bahn Puk Jai

I think he is a real King of Luktung.

So, who is the queen of Lukthung?

Tai Oratai – Raw Pee Tee Na Korn Pa Nom

Tai Oratai – Gin Kow Reuh Young

-Luktung- is not historically old so much.

So, it has infected by some kind of Asian music a bit, especially from neighbors.

But still remaining in Thai style.

Lovely Thai language keeping this music as -Luktung-

I believe listeners will move their heart by -Luktung- , without meaning of lyrics.

– Most of Luktung singers sings –Luk rung-, it’s a kind of city songs in more modern styled.

(Orrawee Satjanon sings –Luk rung-, more than -Luktung- now)

(sorry, could not find suitable page for -Luk rung-)

Some Luktung singers sings –Morlum– sometime.

Fon Tanasoontorn, Tai Oratai, Orrawee Satjanon and Got Jukrapun are very famous Luktung singers in Thailand.

Now Orrawee Satjanon sings many Luk rung ( city songs ).

But there are many good Luktung singers, wish you will discover favorite singers soon.

Waranuch Puttachart

She is a one of young Luktung singer, with very good voice and singing.

Waranuch Puttachart – Glub Mah Tum Mai


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