Sorn Sinchai – Thai Morlum

December 19, 2008

Mae harng sao plai – Sorn Sinchai

He sings many good Morlum like this.

The Album ” NOOM BARN HAO SAO ROANG GNARN ” with Dorkor Toongtong, it was really good and made Sorn Sinchai succeeded and famous.

Muk kon auan – Sorn Sinchai

These music files are uploaded by nbarbry / luekaseeyan from YouTub, I would like to tell ” Thank you for sharing “.

Sorn Sinchai, he also sings nice Luktung.

Kaung Mun Pen Kaung kwun – Sorn Sinchai


Rum Toey – รำเต้ย : from Yaaw Kuk Medley Eesarn 5

‘Rum Toey’ is including in album ‘Yaaw Kuk Medley Eesarn 5′.

And this kind of songs are called Morlum– in Thailand and Laos.

It’s very popular in Esarn : East of Thailand & also has tradition in Laos too.

Originally came from Lao and ancient Lao area : called ‘ Lum Lao in Thailand.

Morlam– in Thai music video are mostly very good made with skills and budgets.

KongKit from YouTube, Thank you for sharing!

I think musicians of this album called Krun thep all stars or something, it’s a temporary name.

So, you can see famous singers in this video.. for example Man Maneewan.

By the way, I love Poo Yai Lee most in this album.


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Thank you so much …. this page is writing about Esarn music.

So … I decided to add another song right here…

It’s unusual right? hehe… but mai pen rai.

Poo Yai Lee : from Yaaw Kuk Medley Eesarn 5

Next one is also famous very good song.

Urai Puiwong’s singing, that’s very wonderful. but it’s maybe in the other time.

Seurng Bung Fai : from Yaaw Kuk Medley Eesarn 5