Gypsy Jazz

January 26, 2012

Minor Swing is in a category of Gypsy Jazz.
Which has used in a movie Chocolat, maybe you’ve watched.

Minor Swing

Minor Swing is a kind of old song which is also famous by Django Reinhardt in 1937.



So, Gypsy Jazz has specially good feeling.

Gypsy Jazz with a Ibanez Steve Vai EP9

Swing Gitan


He is a famous Khmer singer in Cambodia from young generation.


His singing moves our heart always.

It’s a tremendous good Cumbia, I love this song.

Nice melody and rhythm, this song is so lovely.
Kaet Romdoul, her voice also match.

Sorn Sinchai – Thai Morlum

December 19, 2008

Mae harng sao plai – Sorn Sinchai

He sings many good Morlum like this.

The Album ” NOOM BARN HAO SAO ROANG GNARN ” with Dorkor Toongtong, it was really good and made Sorn Sinchai succeeded and famous.

Muk kon auan – Sorn Sinchai

These music files are uploaded by nbarbry / luekaseeyan from YouTub, I would like to tell ” Thank you for sharing “.

Sorn Sinchai, he also sings nice Luktung.

Kaung Mun Pen Kaung kwun – Sorn Sinchai

Sin Desfase – Eva Yerbabuena

I love Flamenco, Andalusia is the right place of it.

She was grown up at Granada, Spain.

Thanks for taranta300 from YouTube.

Hotel – Eva Yerbabuena

Camera work and frame design has very good taste.

Musicians are so very good too.

These two videos has a feeling of strain very much.

I was surprised for the energy of explosion with her Flamenco.

Thanks for Glucee

Enrique Morente Y Eva Yerbabuena

Thanks for sharing, juliaijose

Snaeha….Snaeha – Touch Sreynich/Sunnix

Sung by Touch Sreynich / Sunnix.

It’s not movies this time, just slideshow.

Thanks for ply38 for sharing her songs.

Oun Saen Maeta – Touch Sreynich/Sunnix

I really love her beautiful voice.